Awana Lock In

February 4, 2024 

To the Parents/Guardians of T&T boys and girls in Bible Baptist AWANA Club: 


It’s that time of the year when it’s usually cold outside and we endure the waist-deep snow. We may not be experiencing as much cold and snow this year, but cabin fever has still set in! We want to help alleviate cabin fever by holding a lock-in at Bible Baptist for the T&T boys and girls (and leaders).  

It is scheduled for Friday, March 8th from 6:00pm to midnight (12:00am). 

Each boy and girl who wishes to attend needs to bring the following items:

Parents can pick up clubbers at (or before) midnight (12:00am). 

Activities planned are: Playing games outside (if weather cooperates), Nerf battles, flashlight tag, watching age appropriate movies, playing video games, eating pizza and junk food, playing board games, working on some crafts,...
this will be a fun time. We hope these several hours will make memories and give the kids a fun time of fellowship!

Hope to see your son/daughter there!  

If you are a T&T leader, we welcome your help! Feel free to join us for the entire time or even just a few hours. If you will be staying for the pizza (we plan to have that around 8:00pm), we ask that you also bring a few dollars to cover food costs. 


Jason Goudy (T&T Boys)

Cell: 612-865-5710 (

P.S. Please note we will be asking children to turn in any cell phones/tablets at check-in. They can retrieve their cell phones/tablets at the end of the lock-in. If there is a need to call a parent during the lock-in, they should talk to a leader. 

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